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Our Story (Who We Are)
In December of 1970 WLMH-FM was granted a
license to operate as a non-commercial educational
radio station serving the community of Morrow and
the Little Miami Local School District.  Throughout the
years many teachers have managed the program for
the district including Woody Bird, Gerald Richardson,
Genevieve Leeseman, Eric Ettensohn and Wayne
Lyke.  WLMH alumni  are well represented
throughout the entertainment industry including;
filmmaker Josh Hasty, television and film editor
Jason Harwick and stage actor / producer Matthew

WLMH operated as a  student-run radio station from
December 1970 until June 2010 when budgetary
restrictions imposed by the State of Ohio forced the
station to cease its daily operation.  Two years later
in August 2012 thanks to the generous support of
district voters the station began the process of
restoring daily operations.  However, the FCC
rejected the station's application for renewal and as
a result  the website WLMHRadio was born.  The
school district is attempting to regain the broadcast
license, but until that happens please enjoy
WLMH Radio
3001 East US 22 & 3
Morrow, Ohio 45152
(513) 899-3884 (Studio)
(513) 899-4192 (fax)
© 2012 WLMH